Read this First

You’ve decided you want to hire a birth photographer. Great!

So what next?

Well for starters, here a few things to consider before taking a look at our directory:

  1. Where will your birth be?
    Because births can happen quickly, location is often important for photographers and most set limits on how far they will travel.  But, don’t worry, our directory is organized by location, making it easy to find a local birth photographer.
  2. What kind of birth are you planning?
    Heading to the hospital, a birth center or staying home?  Different photographers have different specialties; the directory can help you navigate photographer choices by the types of births they photograph.  Learn more about the types of birth and care provider options here.  You will also want to talk to your care provider about having a photographer at your birth and find out any regulations your hospital may have.
  3. What personality would you like present at your birth?
    Birth photographers strive to be quiet observers, respectful of mothers and their families. But everyone has their own presence.  You need to be comfortable with your photographer. Our directory is detailed enough to give you a good idea if you want to get to know a photographer better, but it is best to meet with them in person to really get to know each other.


After taking these points into consideration, you are ready for the directory!