Why birth photography?

Birth photography exists to capture the emotion of meeting your child for the first time, in images lovely enough to be considered art.

You may want to share the story of your child’s birth with the world, or you may just want to preserve those memories for yourself.

Either way, birth photographs are a powerful way to rekindle what it was like to become a mother for the first time, or look into the sage eyes of a newborn again.

Images of birth are possibly the most moving images you will ever have taken of your family and often they end up as blurry after thoughts snapped by nurses handed a camera at the last second, or teary-eyed fathers caught up in the work of labor and emotions of meeting their child.

Let a photographer be your dedicated storyteller.

More compelling reasons to hire a birth photographer include:


The lighting at births is often dim, so dim your handheld camera will likely struggle to make focused images, or will compensate with flash, which can cause harsh shadows. Birth photographers are trained lighting professionals with equipment designed to take stunning images even in dark settings. Hiring a birth photographer means those first precious images you send to family will be thoughtfully lit.


Birthing parents, their birth team and even family members are busy during a birth helping the mother and taking it all in. Giving any of them responsibility to photograph can cause undo stress and make them unable to be as present. Even if your family seems willing, the type of images you will get from a professional photographer are dramatically different. Photographers understand how to tell stories visually, taking a variety of pictures from a variety of distances and angles to create dynamic tales.

Preserving Memories

All photographs are about preserving memories, but this matters greatly in birth. The physical and mental journey a birthing woman takes can twist time. Sometimes it can be hard to remember the birth the next day, let alone in a year or 10. Hiring a birth photographer frees you from the stress of remembering all the details of your birth yourself. You can relax and know that a storyteller is there, safeguarding your memories.